A Global Business and Technology Solutions Company for Small to Midsize Enterprises

Technology and Development Services

Keeping up the technology infrastructure at par with the growth of the business is a challenging task for SMEs (Small to Midsize Enterprises). We understand that SMEs need to allocate large percentage of your resources to those core activities like product development and customer acquisition, while, on the other hand, you know subpar technology infrastructure can critically hinder such core effort.

With Nextfocus, SMEs can stay out of this common dilemma. Nextfocus provides turn-key technology solutions and hassle-free development solutions, ranging from voice and data network services to software application development services. Unlike typical off-the-shelf and build-to-suit solutions that range in the millions of dollars, Nextfocus solutions are designed to cater to SME clients' cost conscious needs.

Nextfocus operates global telecommunications and IT network of its own to provide technology solutions to SMEs. To pass through high quality and low cost to our clients, we fully utilize our off-shored SDCs (Service Delivery Centers) to manage the network infrastructure. We also maintain skilled software development team in our SDCs. We work organically with our clients to integrate the new systems without disrupting the ongoing operation.